Data provided by with support from The World Bank Institute

What is OpenCorporates?

OpenCorporates aims to do a straightforward (though big) thing: have a web page for every company in the world. OpenCorporates wants to make information about companies and the corporate world more accessible, more discoverable, and more usable, and thus give citizens, community groups, journalists, other companies, and society as a whole the ability to understand, monitor and regulate them.

What is the World Bank Institute (WBI)?

The World Bank Institute (WBI) is a global connector of knowledge, learning and innovation for poverty reduction. WBI connects practitioners and institutions to help them find suitable solutions to their development challenges. With a focus on the "how" of reform, WBI links knowledge from around the world and scales up innovations. Within WBI, the Open Government Practice, and in particular the Open and Collaborative Private Sector Initiative, seeks to engage a wide-range of stakeholders in the formulation and implementation of collaborative solutions to difficult governance challenges.

Who's behind OpenCorporates and the Open Company Data Index?

The company behind OpenCorporates is Chrinon Ltd (Registered in England, number 07444723), and the people who founded it are Chris Taggart and Rob McKinnon. Rob built and; Chris built and OpenCharities, and sits on the UK Government's Local Public Data Panel, the UK's Tax Transparency Board, and Open Knowledge Foundation's open government working group. The World Bank Institute has provided support in developing the index further as part of its Open and Collaborative Private Sector initiative.

You can read more about OpenCorporates on its main website.

You can read more about the World Bank Institute on its main website.